Social entrepreneur Leila Janah says social enterprises are key in eradicating global poverty.



Despite trillions of dollars in Western aid, billions of people all over the world still struggle to survive, living on less than a couple of dollars a day. 
With global poverty at the root of many the world’s social issues, serial social entrepreneur Leila Janah explains how we can alleviate poverty by giving those affected steady work at fair wages, rather than relying on charitable aid. 
Joining us at The Chivas Venture 2017 as a judge and speaking at our Inspiration Morning just before the Final, Leila said that there is huge potential in taking just a fraction of the money already being spent by global companies on goods and services and redirecting it to social enterprises and low-income people. 
Leila is the founder and CEO of SamaSource and LXMI, which are both ventures that focus on developing new sourcing techniques to alleviate poverty. She is also the author of Give Work, which is due to be released in September 2017. 


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