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We’re creating a buzz about bees and biodiversity…

Because mankind and bees really need each other to survive. Over 84% of crops we cultivate rely on pollinators - giving us food, raw materials, medicines, biofuels. They are the lifeblood of our planet and the global value of their services adds up to more than €153 billion. The problem is that they are fast disappearing. In Europe alone, bee populations have been declining by up to 35%, due to diseases, parasites, climate change and industrial agricultural practices - some pesticides are real bee-killers.

At Beeodiversity, we have developed a “Beeomonitoring” tool to advise companies and local authorities on how to reduce pollution and boost biodiversity. Our innovation consists in using bees to collect samples from billions of flowers. We analyze these samples to monitor the presence and origin of plant pollution, as well as the kind of biodiversity linked to pollinators (quantity and nutritional quality at each period of the year). Based on the results, we make recommendations such as planting specific seeds or reducing pesticide use in certain areas.

We use nature to help nature!


Funding would enable us to protect the honeybee and our future.

We adopt a global, innovative and scientific approach to bring about sustainable and ambitious change to increase biodiversity and lower pollution. To do that we need additional funds to further our analysis of bee pollen, to inform the actions required to better our environment. Funding would not only provide us with the tools to expand, but it would also help us raise awareness around the issues of pollinators and biodiversity loss, which is essential if we want to bring about lasting behavioural change.

My family and travelling influenced my will to become an entrepreneur.

My father founded a major printing company in Tennessee which made me incredibly proud. I also grew up in a family of three boys, of which the eldest became head of CSR for a major telecoms company, before launching a coaching ecosystem for social entrepreneurs. The youngest is in charge of fairtrade projects for a major chocolate brand. We were brought up to respect society and the environment. I also had the chance to travel across different countries and continents and to witness environmental and social issues. I saw first hand different cultures and the consequences of wars. It made me realise how important it is to make a real and sustainable difference on society, and in people's lives.